ECTA Convention

From 29.06.-02.07.2017 in Rodgau this year

ECTA Convention together with the ROUNDALAB Mini-Lab.

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Dear ECTA Members,

'Offspring is a necessity' who does not know this sentence. Getting to the next generation is not an easy task at all. But to prepare them properly for their upcoming tasks is truly another matter.

Certainly many of you know this situation from vocational training. There are many professional experienced colleagues. They can do everything, know everything and have an answer to everything. Are they good trainers, too? Is having knowledge and sharing knowledge the same?

What is the purpose of the best learned knowledge, if it can not be applied under real conditions? What remains of the effort of learning and acquiring when the possibility of strengthening the learned knowledge and the acquired tasks is not there? To use newly acquired knowledge in a protected area like a Caller- / Cuer-School, an ECTA Convention or a regional group is clearly better than nothing, don’t get me wrong. Does not have to come more time after time?

What expectational attitude do mentors and trainers have to their trainees? But at the same time what expectational attitude do the trainees have to their mentors and trainers in reverse? Is a slap on the back and a "You've done well!" really enough support? Do the mentors and trainers not have the task of opening doors for their offspring to enable to go through? The offspring must go himself, no question. But some doors are so heavy, that opened with just a little help they can be opened completely easier and one can walk through them.

Open the doors for the offspring, press the door handle so that it is easier for the offspring to open this door. Allow the offspring leaders to take more than just one tip, but as time goes by over the period of training and depending on the level of education to take over more than just one tip. Therefore press the door handle at your clubs.

What is the real value of an apprenticeship that finally can not be applied in reality? What is at the same time the importance of a mentor, a trainer who, for whatever reasons, does not give the own offspring the final support? Do not let confidence that was build up over the long time of the common training in the final phase of the training burst like a balloon at a cactus.

My whish therefore is a strong leadership community for strong offspring and thus a strong future of our activities.








Student Jamboree


South: Arkansas Travellers in Fürth im Odenwald

North: t.b.a.

Round Dance Festival

25. - 27.05.2017
67227 Frankenthal


Clog Convention

16. - 18.06.2017
68799 Reilingen



Contra Dance Convention

85653 Großhelfendorf