Cancellation Spring Jamboree

"The Kuntry Kuzins Square Dance Club e.V. from Wiesbaden cordially welcomes all dancers, guests and sponsors of the Spring Jamboree 2020 in Hochheim am Main". This is how the original welcome of the Kuntry Kuzins Square Dance Club started. After the cancellation of the Spring Jamboree 2020 due to corona, in consultation with EAASDC and ECTA we unfortunately have to cancel the Spring Jamboree 2022 as well. We see ourselves unable to hold an event that is safe for all, but also morally defensible. Of course there is still some time until March, but the news and reports show a clear picture through the Omikron variant. To hold a dance event of this size here would be simply irresponsible. We are unspeakably sad to set anything to Zero after now altogether 5 years of the preparations, meetings, meetings with local representatives of the city Hochheim and the Hofheim county, caterers, rescue services and many more as well as innumerable hours of the Jamboree committee and the board of the Kuntry Kuzins. Our and my personal thanks go to all who supported us and who, after the cancellation of the Spring Jamboree 2020, immediately agreed to try again in 2022. We would also like to give special thanks to all the leaders who agreed to be on stage for the pleasure of all of us.
After the renewed cancellation, we ask for your understanding that we cannot make any statement about a new attempt and planning for the time being. Let's wait and see what the future will bring.
Despite everything we wish and hope to see you all soon again to dance together and have fun.

Christoph Emmel, President Kuntry Kuzins SDC e.V.

Claudia Kloid, President EAASDC e.V.

Michael Franz, President ECTA e.V.


ECTA Convention 2022 in Rodgau


6. - 9. October 2022

more details will follow soon

Student Jamboree

The event is canceled.

Round Dance Festival

27 – 29 May 2022
Happy Foot e. V. Frankenthal

Link to Festival Website

Clogging Convention

Planned: September, 16 - 18 in Dortmund

More info to follow soon!!!

Contra Dance Convention

t.b.a. 2022