Dear ECTA Members,
Mark your calendars now for the next ECTA Convention,
this next year to be held very
near Stuttgart.
The date is set for 20-23 June, 2019.
Location is the Bernhäuserforst Tagungszentrum und Hotel in the town of Stetten.
Registration procedures will be made
available on the ECTA Website, and via normal E-Mail or Post distribution.
Although the hotel attached to the Conference Center can only accomodate 90 guests,
there are several other hotels nearby, so were hoping that our Southern Germany location will
attract a good crowd of members from all over Europe.
Look for the first registration forms after the new year holidays!
Among the many interesting and informative seminars
offered this year will be a main
theme of Presentation Techniques.
We believe this to be a general topic valuable to all
leaders, as well as one that should attract the direct participation of many,
as seminar or discussion leaders! There is plenty of space and time for any leaders to share their
experience and ideas on this critical leadership skill.
Our main theme is not the only focus, however!
Plenty of time to include general topics
and sessions to sharpen our technical
skills are planned.
Contact your Counsel Coordinator to get involved!
We're looking forward to meeting you in Stuttgart!




Hearing Aid


here importend Informations from Joachim Rührenbeck:


Hearing Aid








Student Jamboree



Munich Swinging Bells, ASV-Hallen Dachau




Round Dance Festival

70563 Stuttgart Vaihingen



Clog Convention

31547 Loccum

Contra Dance Convention

96110 Scheßlitz - Köttensdorf