Regional Groups

ECTA would like to support the work of the local leaders.To bring the benefits of the umbrella organization closer to the members, ECTA has begun to support and to establish regional groups of Leaders.

The meetings of these groups is also for leaders who are not ecta member.

The regulations for registering or founding a new group as ECTA regional group are defined in the general rules and regulations.

For further questions and messages regarding regional groups in general contact the ECTA Vice-Pesident.

Overview Regional Groups

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Next Regional Meetings





May 22, 2022
12:00 - 16:00

Meeting room in the
Hans-Gipmann-Haus der AWO
Gerscheder Weiden 9
45357 Essen


  • General situation of our activity.
  • Handling of emergency situations  for leaders
  • Allemand left … and then?
  • Cast off 3/4 … and then?

August 6, 2022

Location tbd

topics to be announced later

August 6, 2022


contact Angela Grote per mail for further details

September 10, 2022


topics to be announced later

October 1, 2022

89160 Dornstadt

topics to be announced later

General questions/messages regarding regional groups